Sometimes your IPhone gets stuck in recovery mode due to various reasons. This state is called iBoot in which all files and iOS are erased. The phone doesn’t works properly till a proper format is applied to solve this problem. To get your phone out of recovery mode iOS Data Recovery and switching to iTunes is helpful to get your phone out of recovery mode.

iOS Data Recovery is intended for restoring photos, videos, messages, WhatsApp messages, contacts, notes, reminders, attachments and other files from iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes and ICould backup. In addition to get iPhone exit recovery mode, it will easily clears your device of DUF mode.

It is quiet frustrating when you get stuck in such a situation and don’t find an easy way out to get out from it. iOS devices are not easy to tackle like other Android devices so one must backup their iPhone timely. An iPhone usually gets stuck only in few situations:

-intentionally activation of recovery mode to solve a problem

-trying to jailbreak and something goes wrong

-or while updating the latest iOS software

This article will update you with the easy ways to fix “iPhone stuck in recovery mode”

There are 3 methods of solving the problem when your iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode:

Method 1: Using iPhone Data Recovery

Step 1-Download iOS Data Recovery software and install it according to your computer OS.

Step2 -Open iPhone Data Recovery plug in the iPhone via a USB cable. The line will show up, saying that “your device is not in normal mode”.

Step 3-Turn off and on the iPhone and after turning it on you will see a button “Restart the device” at the bottom. Click it and your phone will resume automatically. Wait until it is finished. The next thing we do is to get back those data erased during updates or other procedures with the help of iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 4-Restore iPhone Files Directly from the device and for this you have to follow three steps:

1) Enter DFU Mode

If you know what DFU is and how to enter it, skip this and click “Start Scan”. And if you do not have any ides then follow the instruction:

  1. Grasp your iPhone and click “Start” in the interface of the software.
  2. Press “Power” and “Home” buttons at the same time for exactly 10 seconds. The program will start the count down for you.
  3. After the countdown ends, let go of the “Power” button right away, but not the “Home” button. After another 10 seconds, you’ll be informed that you’ve effectively entered the DFU mode and you can release the “Home” button now.

2) Scan for iOS 9 Data-Hold onto the iPhone linked, click the green button “Start Scan” and wait for a minute.

3) Save iPhone Data to Your Computer-Preview the files first and select the exact items you want. At last, click the button “Recover” to finish the whole process.

That is the entire guide to backup files with iPhone Data Recovery. You should ensure iPhone data backup regularly so that you can easily restore those you want from the backup files.

Method 2: Using iTunes

This technique will get your iPhone out of Recovery Mode, but will restore the iPhone in the process. This will erase everything on the iPhone, but a backup will be created during the Restore process, allowing you to recover your data.

Step 1- Open iTunes on your computer

Step 2- Attach your iPhone to your computer using its USB cable

Step 3- Click OK when seen on screen in iTunes

Step 4- Select your iPhone from the list of buttons at the top of iTunes.

Step 5- Click the Restore button and follow the reminders to make a backup of your iPhone before restoring.

Step 6- Wait for the backup and restore process to finish as this can take several minutes.

Step 7- Select “restore from backup” in iTunes after the phone has been reinstated. This will allow you to select the backup you just created and load it back on the phone.

Method 3: Using Tiny Umbrella

Tiny Umbrella is a platform that restores your iOS firmware SHSH blobs. It is highly suggested by Softpedia and CNET.  There is no assurance that you won’t lose your iPhone data during this procedure but it is a way to recover deleted iPhone data, from your device or iPhone backup file.

Step 1- Download Tiny Umbrella selecting any of the Windows or Mac version.

Step 2- While your iPhone is trapped in recovery mode, link it to the computer using your iPhone USB cable.

Step 3- Open Tiny Umbrella and after a few moments it will identify your device, it will also register that your iPhone is in recovery mode.

Step 4- When the software has recognized your iPhone is in recovery mode, the ‘Exit Recovery’ button below will be seen on the screen. Click this button to get your iPhone out of recovery mode.

Afterward your device should begin to boot up generally.

If you lose data while recovering files

In some cases you may lose data while rescuing your iPhone from recovery data mode. In this case you can use SmartPhone Recovery PRO software which is designed for retrieving deleted: Text Messages, iMessages, Contacts, WhatsApp Chat, Notes, Call History and Calendar events by scanning iPhones and iPhone backup files. The full version of this software will allow you to export or restore removed data back to your device through the Restore app which is available on appstore for free. This software is easy to use and is the safest means to recover data. The following steps will help you to run this software:

Step 1- Download and install SmartPhone Recovery PRO on your computer

Step 2- Open the software to the start screen, attach your device and click ‘Recover from iOS device’ then ‘Start scan’.

Step 3- The scan will find all the data lost during recovery process and you just have to click “continue” to see your data.

Step 4- View deleted data and upgrade to full version of software to view and export all data

Step 4- You can now export files by marking the data you wish to save and clicking ‘Export to desktop’.  Select ‘Export selected data only’, pick the location to save the files in, and select ‘Export’.

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